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Boarding House – General Information

For all the information about our boarding house services. 

Boarding Philosophy

Cleve Area School Boarding House aims to establish a home away from home for students participating in a course of study that achieves the educational outcomes for their future pathways.

We provide a caring and supportive environment to enable students develop their independence and take responsibility for their own actions. It is an opportunity to live independently but with a sense of working together as a team and participating in the community. Boarding House practices are based on policies as per Boarding Australia.


Students are placed on a 6 week trial period after taking up residence. All enrolments are for one year only and readmission is not automatic. Any student whose behaviour makes life uncomfortable or difficult for others, who has breached discipline requirements, who has wasted his/her time and that of others, or whose presence is undesirable or who has a lack of consideration for the House Parents, will be suspended from the boarding house.

All parents will be asked to indicate at the end of term 3 whether they wish to renew their application for the forthcoming year.

Daily Routines
  • School bell 3.10 pm
  • 3.30 pm Report home from school
  • Return for tea 5.45 pm
  • 6.00 pm Tea
  • 6.30 – 9.30 pm Study time negotiated with House Parents
  • 9.00 pm Visitors leave
  • 9.30 pm Curfew
  • 10.00 pm Lights Out

Students are not be at the boarding House during school hours unless due to illness or permission is given by Boarding House Parent or Principal.

  • The bedrooms are places of privacy, rest, study and quiet relaxation.
  • No student may enter another’s bedroom without first seeking permission.
  • Clothing is not to be left on beds/floors.
  • Before leaving for school, students are to tidy rooms, check windows and switch off lights. * There is to be strict quiet after 10.15 pm.
  • Rooms will be allocated by House Parents.
  • At the end of the final term, students must remove all of their belongings from their rooms. There are limited facilities to store gear during vacations.
  • It is in the students’ best interests not to have too many clothes or personal items.
  • Rooms must be tidy at all times as there is limited storage. Too much gear makes it more difficult to be tidy.


Fees Structure
  • Year 12 – $6800 (7 day) $6120 (5 day) based on 34 weeks
  • Year 11 – $7400 (7 day) $6660 (5 day) based on 37 weeks
  • Year 10 – $8000 (7 day) $7200 (5 day) based on 40 weeks

A payment plan is available, please contact the school for more information. Payments can be made:

  • In cash
  • By cheque – payable to Cleve Area School
  • By direct debit: contact the School Finance Officer for account details

Any resident experiencing difficulties with board payments must contact the Co-ordinator to review their situation.

A holding fee will be applied in place of board when the resident is away from the Boarding House for school vacations, except the December/January holidays. Two weeks advance notice is required when vacating the Boarding House. A penalty of two weeks rent will apply if advance notice is not received.

School Reports

Boarders are encouraged to show their school reports each term to the House Parent.

School Uniforms

The requirement is that all students will wear the school uniform. If this is not possible for some unforeseen reason, a note from Parents/House Parent is requested. A copy of the Cleve Area School Uniform Policy is included on the website.

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